WenLambo — NFT Racing Game on Harmony

WenLambo NFT

WenLambo is a collection of 10,000 randomly minted & unique Lambo art pieces designed to be the first masterpiece gamification NFT on Harmony.

All LAMBOS contain 12 attributes, and consists of: colors, backgrounds, wheels, calipers, weapons, accessories within different locations, graphics, license plates and hood ornaments.

WenLambo Landing Page

Each Lambo is created with the flashiest upgrades and add-ons players can buy through cryptocurrency — limited edition wheels, racing graphics, hood ornaments, custom spoilers and turrets just to name a few. It features a whopping 8,000 by 8,000 pixel high resolution output, which gives definition to the tiniest details of the car.

WenLambo Dealership

The Dealership is where you can connect your wallet and mint your LAMBOS. You have to be connected to the Harmony Network in order to mint. Refer to this link to know how to add the Harmony Network in your MetaMask wallet. The whitelisted will have a chance to mint 3 LAMBOS priced at 500 $ONE each followed by the public, in which their mint price is 750 $ONE. There are a total of 10,000 WEN LAMBOS available for the public, and 300 WEN LAMBOS is set aside by the team for marketing, partnerships, and airdrop giveaways.

After successfully minting, you will now be able to have the privilege to reveal your own LAMBO.

At this point, you can check out all of the LAMBO’s attributes and evaluate its rarity.

Harmony Ville City

One of the most exciting features of the WenLambo is Harmony Ville City, its interactive map. The virtual city will provide new locations to explore and earn with the LAMBO NFTs. Players can take their newly minted LAMBO for a spin around town and return home to their garage to make future adjustments.

Garage and Showroom


The Garage is where you can virtually park and view all of your LAMBO NFTs. You can also view your LAMBOS’ individual stats, race history, and add-ons.

The Showroom features all the minted LAMBOS. You can see the modifications that each LAMBO has received, how much was it last sold or auctioned.

Speed Shop

The Speed Shop is where the magic of customization happens. It is where you can make your unique LAMBO stand out even more. All of the minted LAMBOS are factory-made and do not have any modifications. You have the freedom to customize your own LAMBO based on your preference.

In order to modify your LAMBO, you first need to buy a Toolbox which costs 50 $ONE. Each Toolbox contains 1 mod that you can add to your LAMBO. These modifications will give you advantages in the races and other games.

WenLambo Game

WenLambo is a simulated blockchain NFT game that uses a combination of variable random events and random inputs, also known as RNG. There are two defining variables in this game, experience (XP) and modifications (MODS). There are four (4) game modes in development: Circuit Racing, Drag Racing, Tug of War, and Battle Grounds. More details will be revealed in the following weeks to give way to the game release.

WenLambo Merchandise

WenLamboNFT also features its very own exclusive WenLamboNFT wear and gear. Nothing beats the feeling of being able to flex your NFT through merch. You can buy your own WenLamboNFT tee, beanie, hoodie, cap, and have it shipped to wherever you are.

What to expect next?

  • PHASE 1: LAMBO minting and Garage release (coming soon)
  • PHASE 2: Toolbox Release for MODS
  • PHASE 3: Circuit Racing
  • PHASE 4: Drag Racing
  • PHASE 5: Tug of War
  • PHASE 6: Battle Grounds and High Stakes Circuit
  • PHASE 7: Pump: Stake and Earn

It’s all speed from this point on. Get your gears. Check your engines. Prepare for ignition. WENLAMBO is here.




The fastest NFT game powered by Harmony Protocol.

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The fastest NFT game powered by Harmony Protocol.

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